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Do you accept walk-ins?

No, It is a private studio so it is by appointment only.


Will you tattoo someone under 18?

At the moment we are not tattooing minors.


Do you do cover ups?

Depending on the artists, Kat doesn’t do cover ups but Javier does.


What is your shop minimum?

Our shop minimum is $100, meaning no matter what size of the tattoo it is. 


Will I be able to see a sketch before my tattoo appointment?

No, you will see your design on the day of the scheduled appointment. Any changes can be made on the day of the appointment.


Can I bring someone with me to my appointment?

Due to limited space, we do not allow guests in the tattooing area. Exceptions can be made, contact the artist personally.


Is a deposit required for an appointment?

Yes, we require all clients to leave a deposit, it secures the appointment. The deposit goes towards the price of the tattoo. 


Do you accept card?

Unfortunately, not at the moment. Cash only in person.


What if I can’t make it to my appointment?

If you cannot make it to your appointment, please let the artist know in advance. If you cancel less than 24 hours of the appointment, your deposit will be forfeited. No exceptions.


How do I take care of my tattoo?

The artists will have a clear bandage wrapping the tattoo. Please keep it on within 3-5 days and avoid warm showers to help the wrap last. If you see the inside of the bandage leaking with blood/ plasma it is completely normal. After the 4th or 5th day, remove the sticker SLOWLY under warm water. After it is peeled off wash the tattoo 3 times a day with antibacterial soap. We recommend Dial soap and unscented lotion (Jergens, Aveeno, Lubriderm). The tattoo should heal within 2-3 weeks. During the healing process, DO NOT pick on the scabs while it is flaking let it fall out on its own. Always keep the tattoo moisturized with a thin layer of lotion. Keep the fresh tattoo away from sunlight, dirty sheets, and pets. If you have any more questions, please feel free to contact your artist directly!

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