When I think of the first style of art that grasped my attention, it was definitely graffiti. I remember being a kid in the back seat of my mom's 91' Camry and being mesmerized by all the graffiti in the streets. Everything was neglected and rundown, but the graffiti would catch my eye and make me stop and stare with amazement. The thought of having your artwork displayed on a wall for everyone to see was just so cool to me. I was lucky enough to grow up a block away from train tracks that were covered with my favorite art. Much of my time was spent there; painting just to escape the reality of my personal life. My mother, being very religious, did not agree with my passion for graffiti, much less tattooing. At 16 I got my first machine and started practicing on myself, eager to learn. At 17 my mom found out that I was tattooing asked me to leave the house. Every day since then I have committed to surrounding myself with like-minded people artists that will help drive my passion. The many seminars, conventions, and art classes I attended have led me to become the artist I am today. I love what I do and would not change anything in my past that led to this. Art is my life, ink is my medium.